About Pee Dee COG

The Mission of the Pee Dee Regional Council of Governments is to assist local governments and organizations in a wide variety of planning, economic development, workforce investment and other technical services that will help meet the human and physical development needs of the region.

Pee Dee Regional Council of Governments (COG) is one of ten regional planning and technical assistance organizations in South Carolina, and is organized by state law to serve local governments in Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Marion and Marlboro counties. The Council is governed by a 27-member Board of Directors appointed by County Councils in each of the six member counties. The Board also includes members of the state legislature who serve in an ex-officio capacity. The Council is financially supported by per-capita contributions from the six member counties, an appropriation from the State of South Carolina, direct service contracts and other sources.

The Council accomplishes its primary mission by:
  • Making professional staff specialists available to units of government on an as-needed basis to provide services to citizens and/or to plan and implement public projects. Such specialists include city and county planners, engineers, workforce specialists, public administration specialists, community development project managers, computer graphic specialists, and economic development planners. These are professionals that not all local governments have on staff;
  • Providing appropriate assistance to local governments in developing and managing various projects or programs determined by the local governments to be essential public purposes;
  • Assisting local governments to build their own capacity in these areas of service;
  • Fostering cooperation among local governments and service providers in solving area-wide problems on a regional or multi-jurisdictional basis;
  • Maintaining appropriate and conveniently located offices to serve the six-county area including a conference center available for use by all local governments and their public service partners;
  • Providing support services such as computer graphics, surveying and other means of meeting the needs of communities;
  • Maintaining effective communications with local governments, business, industry and others in the Region;
  • Maintaining a close working relationship with various state and Federal agencies;
  • Maintaining advisory committees necessary to obtain public and private sector input on the provision of services in the region.

Johnny B. Brown
Executive Director

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